Unlock the Alchemy of Purpose, Flow & Playful Millions in Your Online Business


You started your business to unlock financial, time and creative freedom.

But somewhere along the lines, things got blurred.

While, initially, there was a lot of flow and purpose for what you were creating - as your business grew - so too did the responsibilities, headaches and expenses. Now, you're finding yourself constantly under the pump trying to "feed the beast", putting out fire after fire, burnt out, and overwhelmed.

You want to be able to take a break, maybe even break away and pivot but every time you try the revenues start to drop.

No matter who you hire, what strategies you throw at it or what fancy automations you put in, nothing seems to work. The flow of money has stagnated and the things that once came easily no longer do.

With each passing day, your mental and emotional wellbeing start to suffer and the harder it becomes to hit the numbers you once did.

You're at a stalement, something has to give.

If any of this resonates then I know EXACTLY how you feel. At the helm of a twenty million dollar business I found myself shackled to what I had built. Unfortunately in my case I did not have the right mentorship at the time and ended up having a mental breakdown and walking away from it all.

Since then, I have embodied new and unconventional rules of business and successfully rebuilt a new company to over a quarter of a million in its first seven months - without a team, with only a few hours of work per week, and without ads.

It breaks all the rules of what we have been told is required to succeed as entrepreneurs and delivers me fully with the time, financial, and creative freedom I had always desired.

I have since made it my mission to help overwhelmed and unfulfilled visionaries to not only reignite their own creative cores but also turn their sinking businesses into lucrative engines of play (or successfully make pivots).

If you're a founder, entrepreneur or visionary who is finding themselves exhausted by their business, check out the recent client results below and apply today to rekindle your "magic touch".

The Red Flags

*Does your business drain the life out of you and you constantly find yourself trying to fix it?

*Were you once in flow building your business but now find yourself procrastinating more and more?

*Are you struggling to shift past stubborn revenue plateaus?

*Does it feel like you're always putting out fires?

  • *Are you spinning your wheels getting nowhere?

*Do the things that once came to you with ease now feel like a struggle?

*Do you feel lost or confused with your purpose?

*Are you bored with the existing structures in your business?

* Did you once experience creative fulfilment but now feel stuck?

* Do you believe you craft your own reality?

*Have you lost your "magic touch"?


Hey, I'm Cat! I'm the author of Magic Source Codes and a world-renowned thought leader on alchemy for visionaries and founders.

My superpower is in empowering entrepreneurs and leaders to cultivate wealth without the sacrifice.

At the height of financial success, running a multiple eight figure company I found myself trapped and deeply depressed. I credit my newfound wellbeing and ability to find resilience in the face of adversity to the techniques of alchemy.

Calibrate to Your Creative Core

The thing that used to excite you no longer does...you're not sure if you should stay or walk away.

Every day, more adversity and resistance seems to pop only, only serving to remind you of the gap, the lack, the failures and rejection.

You feel burdened with big choices and responsibilities. At a crossroad and not sure which way to go. With each passing day the chaos grows, but making the move that needs to be done would rip your life apart.

No matter what you try you can't seem to re-ignite that magic flow you had once tapped into.

You launch more offers, more ideas, more strategies, but always seem to hit a dead end.

Everything that comes to you seems to come at a cost.

Red, red, red.

But what if you could reinvent all the rules?

What if within you is a capacity for unprecedented creativity?

What if you could deliver all that you desire without sacrifice?

What if you could step back into abundance and wellbeing with ease?

Come and rediscover your magic touch.

And build an empire of play and profit that breaks all the rules!

Dewan more than 5X revenues by working less!

Dewan B.


  • You are a black sheep and tend to zig when people zag...

  • You are a founder or visionary who has a lot of ideas and you often experience creative compulsions...

  • Your difficult business has taken the wind out of your confidence and you no longer feel connected to that space of flow you initially felt at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey...

  • You are struggling to turn around stubborn revenue plateaus...

  • You once felt in flow and grew your business easiest from this space, but have lost your "magic touch"

  • You wish to make a pivot in your business or career but can't seem to figure out how to make it work without burning it all to the ground...

  • You are overwhelmed and no longer satisfied with the structure of your life...

  • You are no longer inspired or excited by what you are working on...

  • You wish to connect and develop meaningful relationships with others on this journey, to learn from, support and celebrate with...

  • You wish to use your innate powers in a way that benefits all, including yourself...

  • You believe in magic...


Guided meditation sessions across love, alignment, and money. Ideal for starseeds, entrepreneurs and high creatives who want to move past financial anxieties, confusion, or an unknown.


Update: Now at $1M/mth in revenues!


Build an Empire WITHOUT the Sacrifice

When revenues start to plateau or get harder to generate, the typical approach is to try and "fix" things within the business.

We hire more people, bring in more consultants, take more courses, launch more offers and funnels, rebrand, etc.

But quickly we discover that none of this works, infact it only seems to make thing worse.

The reason for this is that a business is always a reflection of its owner/founder (or CEO in the case of large corporations).

If the leader is no longer fulfilled and well, then it won't matter what shiny objects are thrown at the business - IT WON'T WORK.

And so, always, when a business begins to struggle, it is the founder and owner that must first be helped. Not through a strategic lens, but rather through a lens of emotional wellbeing.

This is what Flow Protocols is about. It is a new paradigm on how to build and grow a highly lucrative and successful business WITHOUT the sacrifice and is based on the principle that money is an extension of flow and play.

If you are feeling yourself unable to find these states of wellbeing and living in deep reds of frustration, depression, anxiety or overwhelm then Flow Protocols is for you.

Apply today to discover how to rekindle your magic touch.

Sold out first retreat!



"I bought many coaching programs before, but this is the first one, where I feel in an in-depth connection. I’m thankful to Cat for introducing me to the power of magic."



The Most Unconventional Business Mentorship Program

Most of us are told stories about how success if obtained through hard work and sacrifice. That we must give up weekends and family time in order to obtain and be deserving of the wealth and freedom.

But this hustle mentality sets us up for failure right from beginning. It creates conditions over our desires - and this NEVER works.

So much so, that many of us will even find ourselves addicted to the struggle. We feel guilty if we even take a few days off.

It can be difficult to unravel these beliefs as they are PROLIFIC within the entrepreneurial community.

But once we do, suddenly we look back and laugh - we realise that the only truths of reality are those we give credence to.

You are so powerful that you can command all that you desire, NOW. Without sacrifice, without exertion, without strife.

Because you are everything.

A living, breathing magical wand.

And your business is SUPPOSED to be fun.

Your relationships - including those with clients - are SUPPOSED to feel good.

Life is SUPPOSED to be a blessing.

Unraveling these beliefs solo is near impossible, which is where Flow Protocols comes in. A tribe that is paving the way in the most unconventional of ways - using magic to redefine the rules of reality.

Apply today to reconnect with this remembering part of yourself and cultivate all that you desire.









"I had dabbled with manifestation, vision boards, and affirmations but never saw great results, Cat provided me with a profound ah-ha moment that showed me where I was getting in my own way!"

Kyrsten C.


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"I felt like I had been out of alignment for a long time, and following the red / green system resulted in having my biggest event launch to date - selling 50% of tickets in the first few hours!"



"This is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Really helped me reclaim the magic within"



"If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Cat, take the leap, you'll never look back!"

Sarah J.P.K


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