WEEKLY MENTORSHIP CALLS WITH CAT get a weekly dose of recalibrating back to confidence and clarity, connect with the tribe...

WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS WITH CAT - get 1:1 time with Cat to work through personal challenges or sensitive questions

MONTHLY 1:1 MENTORSHIP accelerate your understanding and confidence with a monthly 1:1 check in with a Flow Protocols mentor

PRIVATE COMMUNITY connect with like-hearted creatives and entrepreneurs, normalise success without sacrifice...

12 MONTH ACCESS TO ONLINE PORTAL retain access to online material for 12 months...

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Receive a bespoke STARSEED alchemy box containing custom made ritual items and a sigil charged with an intent that chooses you when you confirm your membership. Note this box is unique to coven members (not the same as boxes sent out as part of workshops). Items may vary from picture.

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