Rediscover the Magic Within 

Park the hustle mentality.

Shed the struggle.

Build resilience and minimise chaos.

Foster courage for the unknowns.

Become master of thr greens  



Hey, I'm Cat! I'm the author of Magic Source Codes and the host of the Flow Protocols podcast.My intention with Starseed is to provide you with a support system and new techniques along your journey into alchemy.


Honor the Creative Core 

What if you could reinvent all the rules?

What if within you is a capacity for unprecedented creativity?

What if you could deliver all that you desire without sacrifice?

What if you could step back into abundance and wellbeing with ease?

Rediscover your magic touch.

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>> You practice alchemy or ritual work, and though you may not be "out" about it in your public life, you are curious to explore the practice deeper in a safe space...

>>You are curious to explore your own inner abilities and desire to develop your magical skillset...

>> You desire abundance for the greatest good of all...

>> You wish to make a pivot, find more clarity, or wish to transmute a big red...

>> You want to intentionally curate your tribe and place yourself around those empower you on your journey...