Hey my name is Cat!

If you’re new to my world welcome!

I’m a highschool dropout who hates maths and am best known for my work in the Facebook advertising space where I somehow managed to build an eight figure business (believe me, no one is more surprised about this than I am).

I spend most of my days lost in a book, engaged in psychological warfare with my children trying to convince them to wear shoes outside, or working with fellow entrepreneurs who are after a different cadence to life.

I’m the author of Magic Source Codes and am currently about to publish my second book. I dream of one day opening my own indie bookstore here in NZ.

People think I’m an extrovert but really I have misgivings about anything that requires me to leave the house and put pants on.

I mostly post about mental health, money, magic, and memes.

If you are easily offended you’re in the wrong place.

Aside from that giant corn on the cob tattooed on my arm, I try to live life without regrets.

Weird people are my favourite kind of people.

And if you fit under this category we just became best friends.