Sample: Chapter 1 Money Magic 

Blue velvet sofa, twenty dollars a lap dance, I make a mentalbet that the guy will cum in his pants before the song is evenover. 

There’s some rich patrons, they book out the VIP andpurchase bottles of Hennessy. The girls pour amaretto overtheir bodies and lick it off each other.

It’s all worth it though, at the end of the night, countingdollar bills from my black leather thigh highs. Everyoneknows money comes at a sacrifice, and a pound of fleshseems a fair price.

Besides, if this is what it takes to keep me off the streets, then call me a sinner.

I didn’t grow up thinking that I’d end up here. Dancing indimly lit clubs thick with cigarette smoke.A bright, and promising young girl, straight A’s, always lostin a book. We never had much money growing up, but myparents both worked hard and did what they could. Idreamed of someday becoming a published author.I was destined to follow the path of good grades > graduate >good job > work hard > retire when I’m older.

Then my sexuality happened, I discovered boys, went wildwith a desire to live life on my terms. My dreams of writingquickly pushed to the side.Now, a highschool dropout, without experience, withoutconnections, lost in a world of drugs and alcohol, what choicewas there to make?

The dots blur, each night I’m numbing.

Some shifts I clear $2,000 (but the average is more like $300),despite this I never have anything to show for. It’s like I’m aleaky bucket, money seems to come and go.

The golden handcuffs, that’s what the girls call it. Once you’re in the industry it’s hard to get out. The more you hustle, the more you make.

I let myself down, and others mirror this back. Some even break my heart.

Money antagonizes me, but I depend on it.It is some-thing. What that thing is, I could not tell you. Those with it hold great power and those without it pay theprice. A force that is separate to love.

The girls and I joke about being swept off our feet by menwho will take care of us financially. This seems like the onlyrealistic way for me to succeed.

In my journal I write “I hate my life”.I lose myself to stay afloat, and everything around me burnsto flames.

Then, one night, while I’m trying to convince a patron topart open his wallet, leaning ever so closely so he can see thedeep crease of my cleavage, a dragon comes to visit me.

It appears so quickly. Above the stage, a haze of ivy andcopper tinted sugar blew. I shook my head and blamed it onthe alcohol. But the enchantment never left me.From that day forth everything changed.

From the ashes I would rise.

Eventually going on to trade the six inch heels for sandals andbuilding three million dollar companies, exiting out of one in2021, publishing a book, and mentoring others on their ownrelationship with money.Throughout the years, I have come to experience almostevery flavor of financial relationship there is—from homelessness to financial dependency, to having dependents,to sacrificing myself for cash, making millions, losing it all andrebuilding again. These days, my relationship with money is in stark contrast towhat it once was—it comes through flow, with ease, andwithout the anchors of sacrifice. It is a relationship that feelsdeeply safe, loving, and playful.

This is my wish for you.My intention with Money Magic is to share with you the kindof money story I wish I had been exposed to all those yearsago, one that will create a real and measurable shift in yourcurrent circumstances.

It is particularly written for the creatives in the house, thevisionaries, the entrepreneurs, the artists, and the dreamers.

Inside these pages I will be taking you into an astral planewhere a great beast roams, paralleling this with my ownstory, and a practical guide for you to apply in your own life.And while it may seem childish to think that a tale of adragon could change your financial circumstances, know thatthere is nothing more powerful in this world than story.

For it is through the stories we share that we come to forgeour beliefs, and therefore our very experience of money. The narratives we spin, some from our own memories, othersborrowed, determine our identities, it is the folklore of ourselves. We are fluid: we become, respond, transform. The same is true of myth.

I have seen people scale their businesses to million dollarmonths within a matter of months using the concepts within. Others attract better, higher paying jobs and opportunities. What is more impressive than the numbers, however, is howthey are achieving this. In total play, flow and withoutsacrifice or compromise of their values, selves or wellbeing.

I’ve seen the impossible happen.

Ride with me, trust me, even when it feels like I’m taking youdown a rabbit hole, I promise the dots will connect.

Once you start seeing the dragon, you won’t be able to unsee it.

Whether you are facing looming debt, plateauing at a certainincome level, recovering from past failures, or simply desireto support loved ones or enhance your lifestyle, the principleswithin will help you to achieve that which you desire.

As you go through this book, take your time to marinate inthe concepts, to feel the truth of them in the context of yourown life. Ponder the possibilities and play with the ideas.Take what resonates with you, and pay even closer attentionto what irritates or triggers you, these are always portals.

And most importantly—integrate. You are the only personhere that can guarantee the results.

Trust yourself. Trust the process. And enjoy the encounterwith your dragon.


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