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Cat Howell

Portal Jumps - the art of time bending

Portal Jumps - the art of time bending

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The art of time bending 

It is said that time is not linear. Rather, it is pliable, something that can be played with. A projection of the human mind. Which makes you a bonafide time traveler - able to access both past and future timelines from the now. 

Portal Jumps is an exploration of spell-casting across the is, and will be. Ideal if you: 

- Are lacking patience and desire to speed up manifestations...

- Feel anchored by past failures and shames... 

- Are finding yourself at a crossroads, uncertain which path to take...

Replays from the 2023 Portal Jumps masterclass, instant online access.  

Presented by Cat Howell. 


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Cast a spell across the was, is, and will be to support yourself in the now

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⁣What if you could support a younger version of yourself to shift present anchors of past traumas or failures? 

What if a future version of yourself is also capable of doing the very same to you in the here and now? 

Portal Jumps is a three-part exploration on how to set intentions across timelines.

Part 1 - The Was - Create a retroactive enchantment (an encounter with past version of self)

Part 2 - The Is - Unlocking the magic in the now 

Part 3 - The Will Be - Speeding up manifestations 


Reality is like a web, and when you pluck one string of time, the ripple is felt across all directions. ⁣⁣

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Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 10.34.32 AM.png__PID:c991550e-6ab5-4012-98c4-0930fcaeec10

When time is understood under the parameters of receiving, it can be collapsed.  It can be traveled. And when we understand time in this way, we can also understand the other human construct of money. 


How can I access the training?

You will be able to instantly access the training and watch through any device with a browser.

How long do I have access to the training?

You will retain lifetime access

What's included?

Instant access to three-part training.

Do you guarantee results

No. You are the only person here who can guarantee results.