3 Signs You're on the verge of a Financial Breakthrough

3 Signs You're on the verge of a Financial Breakthrough
There are signs that will show up in or around your reality when you are on the verge of a financial breakthrough - in other words, when you are about to receive what you intend for yourself. Often, these signs can be confused for the opposite of a manifestation breakthrough and interpreted as things not working/failing, so I'm sharing these with you to help you hold a space of trust, confidence and power as you step into new layers of yourself.

Sign #1 - Unconditional Greens

  When you have successfully alchemised the greens (good feeling emotions you ultimately desire) unconditionally within yourself and no longer care if the desire comes true or not, you are on the verge of receiving it. For example, three years ago I was lonely and hated being single so I did a thrity day ritual to attract love.  As part of the ritual, I held the vibration of love within myself each and every day over thirty days. By the end of the thirty days, I had touched the sensation of love within myself so much that I actually no longer cared if I found a partner or not, I was truly happy being single for the first time in my life. And guess what happened - I met my partner that very week. When I work with clients and they tell me they feel so abundant despite their bank accounts being empty, I know they are about to receive massive sums of money.  Unconditional greens is a massive sign your financial desires are on their way.
Unconditional greens is a massive sign your financial desires are on their way.

Sign #2 - Things Break Down Around You

  As the famous saying goes: things must breakdown in order to breakthrough.  Things breaking down around you is another big sign that you're on the verge of a financial breakthrough.  Often, this can look like chaos from the outside looking in - relationships falling away, money falling away, clients etc.  When infact, these are initiations.  You are being asked to let go of the things that no longer serve you so that you can step into a higher expression of self. How we react to these initiations determines how fast we move through them and into the breakthrough. If we internalise them as proof that we are failing or incompetent, we distend the time it takes to receive that which we desire.  When we trust that even the chaos serves us, always, we move through it quickly (and will one day look back in deep gratitude).

Sign #3 - Threads

  Threads are evidence that which you desire exists. For example, if you want a Lamborghini, a thread could be spotting one driving down the road. If you desire to conceive a child, a thread could be seeing a baby or someone else announcing their pregnancy. The closer we are to a financial breakthrough, the more these threads will appear and increase in frequency. Again how we respond to these will determine how quickly we step into the breakthrough.  If you feel jealous or start comparing yourself when a thread appears - you'll push your manifestations further away. Instead, celebrate threads, feel deeply inspired and excited when they do appear in your life for they are the universe showing you it's working on your "order".  The more you do this, the faster your breakthrough will come.  



The three main signals that I'm on the verge of a manifestation breakthrough include: 1) no longer caring if that thing/experience desire happens (unconditional greens), 2) things breaking down around me, 3) threads.  How we react to these signs determines how quickly we are able to receive and step into the breakthrough.
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