We are told that money is a gateway to happiness, that we are nothing without it.
But what if it's the other way around? What if money is nothing without us?

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Cat Howell

Money Magic - ebook

Money Magic - ebook

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Become the Master of Your Money 

What if it was possible to shift your financial circumstances, without needing to work harder or sacrifice your values or self? 

What if everything required to receive more already existed within you? 

Discover how to turn financial reds into greens and calibrate to stretch sums with this fantastical tale that is both mythical and practical - packed with exercises and rituals to  help you to fall into a deeply safe, abundant, and fulfilling relationship with your money.

Enter an astral plane where a great beast roams - treasure of flames, both are in its nature.  

ebook version, instant access. Can be read on any browser or kindle, epub reader. 

Publication date: ‎ Sep 1, 2023
Language: ‎ English
Format: ebook 
Page length: ‎ 194 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7386146-0-8

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Enter into a deeply safe, nurturing and fulfilling relationship with money.


From the rocks and tunnels that ran underground, where mists streamed like purple genies, diamonds spilled forth adorning the trees like delicate bracelets. These treasures were Master’s birthright. But the land has since changed. Ever since, the creature has developed a penchant for flames.



Sarah Crosley

Founder, Pixels & Ink Studio

Weaves a story that many of us are all to familiar with with our relationship to money 

Money Magic weaves a story that many of us are all to familiar with with our relationship to money. It helps us easily understand that money is a symbol of love. (Meaning lack of money is the opposite.) There are a handful of practical exercises that you can do to help shift your relationship with money. One particular is a Prosperity Spray. I altered this and put it into a diffuser so it could continually fill the room. The beauty of magic is that you can you tweak it to align with you. If you haven't read Magic Source Codes, I highly suggest starting there and then reading Money Magic.


Kambri Preciado

Beauty Brand Builder

FULL of actionable advice...One of the most enjoyable books I've read in a long time! 

This book was beautifully scripted by Cat! Entertaining and effective. Poetic but also practical with exercises to reflect upon. Fast and enjoyable read that will be easy to recommend to others. 


Anna Shilina 

Relating coach 

The book is life-changing 🔥 As soon as I started operating from greens, just like Cat teaches and writes, money was showing up from everywhere. 

Memoir meets self-help - I loved every page! The book is really well written with riveting personal stories and applicable exercises that actually work. I recommend this book to all my friends who struggle with money, it's a must-read.


Cat Howell

Hey I'm Cat! For the longest time, I blamed money for all of my problems, as well as the problems of the world. A source of antagonism. I needed money to live and survive. To enhance my experiences and for self expression. It allowed me to create, innovate, and collaborate with complete strangers across the world. And yet…I secretly sneered at those who possessed it, felt myself shackled to a monetary system, shamed myself for my desires, all the while secretly yearning for more behind closed doors.  My intention with Money Magic is to share with you a simple perspective shift, using the assistance of a dragon, that has helped to foster a deeply safe, loving, and fulfilling relationship to money.  I hope it serve you well. 

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Enter an astral plane where a great beast roams - treasure or flames, both are in its nature. 


What are the publication details?

Publication date: ‎ Sep 1, 2023
Language: ‎ English
Format: ebook
Print length: ‎ 194 pages
ISBN: 978-1-7386146-0-8

How will I receive my ebook?

The ebook is delivered instantly by link in your confirmation email and can be read on all devices as well as ereaders. 

Is Money Magic training included?

No. Money Magic training can be purchased for additional fee