Navigating Through Chaos

Navigating Through Chaos

It has been my experience and observation that even the most enlightened amongst us experience tumultuous moments in their lives. To be a human is to experience duality.

Even when we are aligned, we can encounter roadblocks and challenges. Resistance. 



So to illustrate where I'm going at with this, I want to share with you guys something that's been going behind the scenes for me recently. So in February of 2022, I connected during a really intimate retreat, I spontaneously organized and held at my house, and it was with four other high-end private clients. And we explored some plant medicine, we did some LSD and intention setting. And one of those sessions essentially I connected with this deep vision and desire to write more. And at the time I had published Magic Source Codes. It was my first book and I had always seen magic source codes as more of a lead magnet for my backend business, which was coaching and mentoring the workshops that I was running. And then in February, the vision that I was shown was that actually the writing was the big thing. It was a thing in its own, and this was really beautiful during this ceremony, but afterwards it was like, what the hell? Because it had taken me a lifetime to even write my first book. I only had one book essentially, and I was like, I don't understand how I'm going to get to this vision that I have. 

And I decided to put a post out on Facebook just asking, Hey, what's the best way to shift a WordPress site, which is what I'm on now to Shopify. And the site that I have now actually has really great SEO, it's been around for 10 years, so I get some good traffic. And I was worried about losing this SEO. Anyways, after posting this, I started to encounter just a lot of roadblocks when I was coming to that domain, finding out that the Facebook business manager didn't own it, and then sending in all these massive documents and statements to Facebook support and only for it to be completely misunderstood by them. 

Fast forward to almost a year now, less than a year on, and I've done some really big shifts in my business already to make this happen. First of all, money Magic was released, my second book, and I'm now working on my third one, which is wild to think of and just a total pinch me moment. And I made the decision to shift all of my books, all two of them, all of them, two of them calm down now from selling them on Go high level lending page, which is like a funnel building software, which was great and you can do upsells with it, but it wasn't integrating with my accounting and the taxes weren't being handled and there were just different things. I didn't have the capacities of the e-commerce capacities that other platforms would have Shopify. So I decided to shift everything to Shopify and naturally my first thought was, I'm going to use the cat domain because that's my brand and that's what I'm going to sell it under.


And I decided to put a post out on Facebook just asking, Hey, what's the best way to shift a WordPress site, which is what I'm on now to Shopify. And the site that I have now actually has really great SEO, it's been around for 10 years, so I get some good traffic. And I was worried about losing this SEO. Anyways, after posting this, I started to encounter just a lot of roadblocks when I was coming to that domain, finding out that the Facebook business manager didn't own it, and then sending in all these massive documents and statements to Facebook support and only for it to be completely misunderstood by them.


To just random other little things like that happening with the domain. And I got to a stage where I started to feel myself really slipping into emotional reds. So states that drain your energy, states that don't feel good in the body. And for me that was obviously frustration and it was maybe a bit of anxiety, but also a sense of always a problem like that exasperation or whatever that is. And I realized that this was kind of hijacking me. Those reds were sort of infiltrating my day was affecting my wellbeing for big part of my day. And so I realized at that moment I just had to completely disconnect and trust that the actions that I have taken up until that point have been enough to signal my intention. If it's meant to happen, it will happen. If it's not meant to happen, then I will pivot in a direction that is more aligned.


So this is the breadcrumb that I want to leave essentially is a reminder that first when we encounter chaos, we're going to encounter chaos even when we're in alignment. It's, it's not a sign that you're failing. If you're encountering bottlenecks or resistance, that in no way is meaning that you're not doing or following something or creating something that is actually compelling to your core, you will still encounter challenges and roadblocks. And a big part of that is because we are storytellers, first and foremost humans with the imaginations that we have, we love stories in our lives are like a big story we tell. And when you look at the structure of a story, usually it follows a very similar pattern where the protagonists will encounter some seemingly insurmountable challenge and then gain some skills and aptitudes through those obstacles and defeat the monster and live happily ever after.


Of course, we know that's only temporary until the new layers come on are desired for the new desires come in and the next level, the next level in the lessons that accompany that follow. So the chaos is actually a fantastic way to create catalysts of transformation. You will either and to test your own alignment to something when you encounter a lot of chaos and you are not feeling a sensation of, okay, this is difficult and challenging, but I want to apply myself and solve this. This is like a knot that I want to entangle. And instead it completely degrades you of your sense of wellbeing and puts you into deep states of red. It is true that the first step is always to try to shift the perspective from it's not working to it's working, because that's naturally what happens when we encounter chaos is our focus immediately goes to there's a problem, it's not working.

And wherever our focus goes, our perspective is held is the experience of reality that we're going to have. So of course, if we're perceptive of problems, our behaviors and actions are going to change as a consequence of that and we will get a different outcome in entirely, and then we get more problems to solve, more problems coming into our lives and it can become this never kind of ending sort of circuit or loop that we find ourselves on. And so shifting our focus from it's not working. It's working means redefining how we actually view chaos. It's not a sign that you're failing, but rather it is a catalyst of transformation that will realign you. It's going to give you the skills and aptitudes needed so that you can foster the belief that it is possible to play and receive at the level that you desire to, or it's going to pivot you entirely so that you're not going down the wrong rabbit hole and into your own path of least resistance.


In the end, the domain thing that I was just talking about could not get solved, and I found out after making that post that it was a really bad idea trying to shift my WordPress site to Shopify in the first place because I would continuously owe Shopify money from that point forward, whereas I don't with WordPress. So I own more of my content with WordPress, if that makes sense. And so I decided to use the URL, the float Go and check it out. By the way, you'll see all of my books on there. I need to be fair, there's different variations like audiobook and ebook, so there are more than two products, but that was the URLI was using for many of my funnel landing pages before as well. So it's worked out even better and that I only connected with that solution after I disconnected and stepped away recognizing that I was going too much into reg trying to solve or approach that thing in the way that I was.


And the solution is so much better than what I was trying to force my hand at to begin with. So this is what I mean by chaos plays that role of realignment, of helping us pivot. And a lot of the times when we're pushing against chaos and we cannot transmute that state of, it's a problem to it's not a problem, it continuously puts us into the reds of hopelessness or frustration or anger or overwhelm or unfulfillment or boredom or any of those states. Then that is our cue to completely step away and detach. If it's meant to be solved, you've already done enough to signal what you want, it will get solved. So long as you continue to apply yourself from those states of red of frustration and anger, you will continue to perpetuate that circuit. It's not going to help solve it. It's actually going to do the opposite When we disengage, if it's meant to happen, it will.

If it's not, you're going to get guided and pivoted into the thing that is the right thing. And often we want to know what is the path? Just the reminder, the best things in your life. There's no way you could have planned for, there's no way you could have planned of how you met your partner or how you ended up with the business that you have or any of those amazing parts of your life. They happened in ways that are just like, it's too big to even comprehend and it's too big to even try to plan for. So you've never known the how of some of the best things in your life, and you don't need to know the how. So you just disconnect and you follow the next breadcrumb, one step at a time, honoring your own greens, honoring your own wellbeing. And if you don't even know what the next breadcrumb is, then set the intention to literally be shown.


And you don't have to record podcast episodes and publish them to leave yourself breadcrumbs like you'll be shown signs. You'll receive the solutions as ideas. This is what people mean by downloads, like inspired ideas that come are like compulsions of the core essentially. And often the solution was something that was right in front of you the whole time staring at you the whole time. So this is a reminder to myself and to anyone who might be encountering some chaos right now in your life, in any relationship that might be with your business or with your money or a partner or your friendships or your family, the first thing is to shift our perspective to it's working. Stop seeing it as a problem and picking at it because it's going to just make the whole thing worse. A lot of law of attraction and manifestation books, and Abraham Hicks, if you listen to her, I quite like her.


She'll say, if you are finding resistance in the dynamic of your life, going to appreciation and gratitude with it. So this is essentially the same thing you shift your focus from. It's not working to, it's working because you cannot be in gratitude and hold a perspective of it's not working at the same time. However, in the scenarios where you cannot hold this perspective and it is impossible for you to create that inner alchemy, it is your sign to disengage, step away immediately and revisit the approach. Sometimes an entire pivot is going to be needed, and that's totally fine. And sometimes it's just a small tweak in how we're creating something instead of promising all these one-on-ones or different things that we're throwing in. We just streamline it and everyone's happy and it works so much better. But it was a simple shift. So sometimes it plays out like that, but you're not going to connect to that breadcrumb while you yourself are operating in reds.


You're not going to be perceptive to it because your perception is the problems is the things that isn't working. So we create this. We navigate ourselves through the chaos by firstly understanding that ultimately it is serving us even through the chaos. We serve ourselves at such a high level, and so we let go of the narratives of self-sabotage. We let go of the narratives that there's some curse around us, which is why we can't do something or that our star sign doesn't align for certain things. We let those go because all of those indicate a perception of a problem. You can't have that. There's no problem. You're guiding yourself exactly to where you need to be, and you have your emotional compass to tell you when to keep pushing and when to stop. And when you're faced with challenges and you are aligned to what you're creating, you will push through them.



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