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Cat Howell

Money Magic - training

Money Magic - training

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The workshop that gave birth to the dragon! Discover the red/green system to foster affinity to money. Change the way you see, work with, spend, and receive money.  

Accelerate your results with instant access to Cat's bestselling three-part Money Magic training.  This was the workshop mentioned in Money Magic (the book) where Cat shared a simple exercise involving a dragon that took on wings of its own.  The dragon and red/green system has since gone on to change thousands of people's lives globally. 

Day 1Discover the method used to stretch into new surpluses and income levels (even when it feels out of reach and full of doubt)

Day 2: Receiving without the sacrifice, mutually beneficial co-creation between you and your money...

Day 3: Compounding results, the simple trick that accelerates it all

Instant, lifetime access. 

Digital format. 

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Turn Financial Reds into Greens  

Money Magic reveals a powerful inner alchemy of reds and greens to guide yourself through your financial circumstances.  Discover why the mind that can imagine a dragon is the one that can compel forth its treasure. 

Hey I'm Cat! I - like most people - grew up with so many messed up ideas and beliefs about what money is and how it works and - as a result struggled with loads of fears, doubts and anxieties for most of my adult life. At the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey I was on a constant feast to famine cycle and always felt guilty about charging clients. And even when I earned abig figures I never had anything to show for. I could attract it, but it came at a cost (overwhelm, burnout). Everything changed when I began to understand the resonance of this resource. Money Magic shares a simple exercise I have used to help me build a safe, easy and deeply playful relationship with money. I hope my work serves you well.

Discover the Commands of the Money Dragon   
MODULE 1- The key to expanding value for others (even when you have lot of ideas or feel disconnected from purpose)...

MODULE 2 - A perspective of  receiving without the sacrifice...

MODULE 3 - How I leverage the relativity of money to compound existing money in my life
Enter into a deeply safe, playful, and fulfilling relationship with money
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Frequently asked questions

The training is delivered instantly by link in your confirmation email and can be read on all devices through a browser or the Youtube app.  

You will have lifetime access to the training material.  Study at your own pace. 

Money Magic training includes instant access to three-part training videos + one year access to Money Magic private Facebook group.  

Because of the nature of the product being digital refunds are only offered under extenuating circumstances.  

No. We simply share techniques and perspectives that have proved useful to Cat and many others. Only you can ever be the one to guarantee results. 

No, you will gain access to all three module instantly. Choose your own pace.